Take Action to #ProtectOurCare

If the Affordable Care Act is repealed more than 2 million Floridians stand to lose their health coverage.

It’s time to put people over politics. Across the nation, thousands are calling to tell their lawmakers: Protect Our Care. Join them!

Leave a quick message for the President, Florida’s Senators and our Representatives.


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More than any other state, Florida stands to lose big.

Make a big difference just 3 easy steps.


1) Call Florida's Representatives in Congress at 866-426-2631(English) or 877-736-7831(Spanish).

2) Leave a messageMy name is ______ . I live in ______ .  I need you to oppose the American Health Care Act because millions stand to lose coverage, and the caps on Medicaid funding will be extremely damaging to vulnerable, hardworking Floridians.”

3) Hang up & know you made a BIG difference. We're asking you to make these calls because we know how powerful they are. Lawmakers really feel the pressure when the calls start coming in.

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Want To Do More?

Floridians must act to protect the gains we have made in health care coverage. Visit our action center to contact your state and federal lawmakers. Demand that they do the right thing for all Floridians.

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