Florida Voices for Health is a coalition of community organizations, businesses, and individuals working to create a health care system that works for every Floridian.

​Most Floridians have a healthcare story.


While living our lives either hoping to not get sick, or not even thinking about it, one day it happens to you, a friend, or a family member. We all ride the same roller coaster of fear and stress after a diagnosis or injury. Whether insured or uninsured, we experience firsthand just how complicated and expensive our healthcare system is.


In the middle of a personal health issue no one should also have to live in fear of an enormous bill or deal with unnecessary administrative barriers.


Florida Voices for Health represents everyday Floridians in the movement to make health care more affordable and easier to use.


Through a powerful coalition of citizens, decision-makers, and community partners, Florida Voices for Health is committed to bringing the interests of our broken system together for the good of every Floridian.

Health care is the biggest issue facing Florida’s families. In 2018 WalletHub ranked Florida one of the 10 worst states for health care when it comes to affordability, access to care, and patient outcomes.


However, many decision makers are out of touch with the realities of obtaining, using, and keeping health coverage in our state. Fortunately, Florida is entering an exciting new era of opportunities for improving health care.


New and established decision-makers alike are recognizing successful policies and programs that have helped in communities around the country.


More than ever, average Floridians should be leading the conversation to ensure financial security and better health for the people of our state.

There are no simple solutions for health care and things won't change on their own.


Your gift will allow Florida Voices for Health to help hardworking Floridians right in your community. Your investment will be returned in the form of an engaged and healthier community, stronger community support systems, and more accountable decision-makers.


Right now, someone you know is struggling to secure or use health care in your community.


Florida Voices for Health's programs and campaigns help Floridians find the care they need while transforming them into the powerful champions for a people centered health care system.


Join us and make a world of difference.

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