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Florida’s 60-day legislative session starts on March 2 with an official end date of April 30.

This session there will be thousands of bills up for consideration. Among these are bills concerning dental care, prescription insulin drugs, Medicaid expansion and Medicaid services among others. 


Health care legislation always features prominently during session, including several threats and opportunities. Chief among the concerns for Florida Voices for Health are those bills that may impact access to health services for low- and middle-income Floridians.


Below are the outcomes for some of the health care bills we were tracking. 

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HB 1117/ SB 1552 Medicaid Coverage for Adult Dental Services (Filed by Rep. Nixon & Sen. Pizzo)

Would put into law a comprehensive adult dental benefit in Florida Medicaid. Currently, for people 21 years and older Florida Medicaid only covers emergency dental services to alleviate pain, infection, or both, and procedures essential to prepare the mouth for dentures.

SB 276 Medicaid Expansion (Joint Resolution filed by Sen. Taddeo & Sen. Berman)

Proposing an amendment to the State Constitution to require amendment of the state Medicaid plan to provide Medicaid coverage to persons under age 65 who have an income equal to or below 138 percent of the federal poverty level, etc. Would put Medicaid expansion on the 2022 general election ballot.

HB 341 / SB 698 Optional Payments for Medical Assistance and Related Services (Medicaid Expansion) (Filed by Rep. Duran and Sen. Jones)

Extends Medicaid eligibility to Floridians under 65 years of age, not pregnant, and whose income does not exceed 133 percent of the poverty line.


HB 443/ SB 556 Eligibility for Medical Assistance and Related Services (Filed by Sen. Thurston & Rep. Thompson)

The Agency for Health Care Administration authorized to make optional payments on behalf of specified adults that would be eligible under Medicaid expansion (Floridians making up to 133% FPL).

HB 83 / SB 130 Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders (Filed by Rep. Hart)

Provides that peer specialists are essential element of coordinated system of care in recovery from substance use disorder or mental illness; revises background screening requirements for certain peer specialists; revises requirements for certification as peer specialist; requires DCF to develop training program for peer specialists; provides for reimbursement of peer specialist services; encourages Medicaid managed care plans to use peer specialists in providing recovery services.

SB 604 Dental Therapy (Filed by Sen. Brandes)

Authorizes dental therapists, an oral health professional who works under the supervision of a licensed dentist, in Florida. Also authorizes Medicaid to reimburse for dental services provided in a mobile dental unit; limits the practice of dental therapy to specified settings, etc.


HB 645 / SB 238 Medicaid Eligibility (Postpartum Coverage) (Filed by Sen. Book & Rep. Brown)

Extends the period of eligibility for Medicaid for postpartum women to the 365-day period beginning on the last day of her pregnancy. Increases the eligibility limit to 185 percent of the most current federal poverty level.


HB 899/ SB 1272 Managed Care Plan Performance ( Filed by Rep. Bartleman & Sen. Rodriguez)

Would require the state to disaggregate or break down MCO performance measure data based on race, ethnicity, disability, and other demographics; to publicly report these measures; and to use these measures to monitor plan performance.


HB 201 Florida Kidcare Program Eligibility (Filed by Rep. Bartleman)

Increases income eligibility threshold for coverage under Florida Kidcare program to 300% FPL; authorizes AHCA to seek federal waiver approval or submit state plan amendments as necessary; requires agency to examine graduated family contribution rates for newly qualifying families under program; provides guidelines for such rates; requires agency to increase income eligibility threshold for coverage under program each fiscal year until meeting specified income threshold.


SB 348 Medicaid (Filed by Sen. Rodriguez)

Revising the types of emergency transportation vehicle services provided to Medicare-eligible persons for which Medicaid shall pay deductibles and coinsurance, etc.



SB 700 Telehealth (Filed by Sen. Rodriguez)

Requiring AHCA to reimburse the use of telehealth services under certain circumstances and subject to certain limitations; authorizing telehealth providers to prescribe specified controlled substances through telehealth under certain circumstances; authorizing out-of-state physician telehealth providers to engage in formal supervisory relationships with certain nonphysician health care practitioners in this state; authorizing registered pharmacy technicians to compound and dispense medicinal drugs under certain circumstances; exempting certain registered pharmacy technicians from specified prohibitions, etc.


HB 109 / SB 786 Prescription Insulin Drugs (Filed by Rep. Bell & Sen. Cruz)

Requires insurance policies & health maintenance contracts to cap insured's and subscriber's monthly cost-sharing obligation for covered prescription insulin drugs at $100 a month; provides that coverage for prescription insulin drugs may not be subject to deductible; requires health benefit plans covering small employers to comply with such requirement.

SB 390 Prescription Drug Coverage (Filed by Sen. Wright)

Authorizing the Office of Insurance Regulation to examine pharmacy benefit managers; revising the entities conducting pharmacy audits to which certain requirements and restrictions apply; revising the definition of the term “maximum allowable cost”; authorizing the office to require health insurers to submit to the office certain contracts or contract amendments entered into with pharmacy benefit managers; requiring certain health benefit plans covering small employers to comply with certain provisions, etc.

SB 528 Health Insurance Prior Authorization (Filed by Sen. Harrell)

Prohibiting health maintenance organizations from excluding coverage for certain cancer treatment drugs; specifying requirements for, and restrictions on, health insurers and pharmacy benefits managers relating to prior authorization information, requirements, restrictions, and changes; requiring health insurers to provide and disclose procedures for insureds to request exceptions to step-therapy protocols; prohibiting health maintenance organizations from imposing an additional prior authorization requirement with respect to certain surgical or invasive procedures or certain items, etc.

SB 404 Office of Minority Health and Health Equity (Filed by Sen. Rouson)

Requiring the Office of Minority Health and Health Equity to develop and promote the statewide implementation of certain policies, programs, and practices; requiring one representative from each county health department to serve as a minority health liaison for a specified purpose; requiring the office to maintain on its website specified information; requiring the office to serve as a liaison to and assist certain federal offices, etc.

SB 340 Supermajority Vote Required to Enact a Single-payor Healthcare System (Joint Resolution by Sen. Diaz)

Proposing the creation of Section 22 of Article III of the State Constitution to provide that a single-payor health care system may not be enacted by the legislature except through legislation approved by two-thirds of the membership of each house of the legislature and presented to the Governor for approval, etc.

SB 62 Regional Planning Councils (Filed by Sen. Bradley)

Revising a requirement for the Executive Office of the Governor to review and consider certain reports, data, and analyses relating to the revision of the state comprehensive plan; eliminating the advisory role of regional planning councils in state comprehensive plan preparation and revision; repealing provisions relating to the Florida Regional Planning Council Act; authorizing local governments to recommend areas of critical state concern to the state land planning agency, etc.

HB 119 Behavioral Health Services for Defendants with Mental Illness (Filed by Rep. Fetterhoff)

Exempts certain fiscally constrained counties from local match requirements for specified grants; creates pilot programs in certain counties for specified purposes & number of years; requires sheriffs' offices in such counties to establish law enforcement behavioral health intervention units; provides training & program requirements; requires annual reports; provides expiration dates for pilot programs.

HB 405 Mental Health and Substance Abuse (Filed by Rep. Maney)

Revises & provides terminology & requirements relating to petitions & procedures for voluntary & involuntary admissions, examinations, & treatment under Baker Act & Marchman Act.

HB 743/ SB 1038 Insurance Coverage for Breast Cancer Tests and Procedures (Filed by Sen. Berman)

Prohibiting certain health insurance policies and health maintenance contracts from applying cost-sharing requirements to certain breast cancer tests and procedures; authorizing the Financial Services Commission to adopt rules, etc.

HB 701/ SB 1024 Increasing Access to Mental Health Care (Filed by Sen. Brodeur & Rep. Stevenson)

Requiring the Department of Financial Services, in collaboration with the Agency for Health Care Administration, to establish a system for tracking and monitoring complaints made to the Division of Consumer Services of the department regarding coverage and access to mental health services; requiring that insurers and health maintenance organizations provide written notice to certain persons which includes specified information, etc.

HB 831/ SB1250 Telehealth (Filed by Sen. Ausley)

Prohibits Medicaid managed care plans from using providers who exclusively provide services through telehealth to achieve network adequacy and prohibits health insurance policies from denying coverage for covered services provided through telehealth if the same service would be covered through an in-person encounter, etc.

HB 1111/ SB 1078 Health Insurance Cost Sharing (Filed by Sen. Brodeur)

Prohibits health insurance companies from picking and choosing which financial assistance they will apply to the patient’s insurance deductible/ maximum out-of-pocket limit.  Specifically, the bill requires insurers and their pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs) to apply payments by or on behalf of insureds toward the total contributions of the insureds’ cost-sharing requirements.

HB 61/ SB 1238 Percentage of Elector Votes Required to Approve an Amendment or a Revision (Joint Resolution by Sen. Rodriguez)

Proposing an amendment to Section 5 of Article XI of the State Constitution to increase the percentage of elector votes required to approve an amendment to or a revision of the State Constitution from 60 percent to 66 and 2/3 percent, except that the repeal of an amendment or revision need only be approved by the same percentage of elector votes as was required at the time of passage of such amendment or revision, etc.