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Florida’s 60-day legislative session starts on March 7 with an official end date of May 5.

This session there will be thousands of bills up for consideration. Among these are bills concerning dental care, prescription insulin drugs, Medicaid expansion and Medicaid services among others. 


Health care legislation always features prominently during session, including several threats and opportunities. Chief among the concerns for Florida Voices for Health are those bills that may impact access to health services for low- and middle-income Floridians.


Below are the outcomes for some of the health care bills we were tracking. 

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Our Priority Issues

Closing the Coverage Gap

Currently, almost 500,000 Floridians earn too much to qualify for Medicaid but too little to qualify for tax credits in the ACA Marketplace.


The ACA allows states to expand their Medicaid programs and pays for 90% of the cost by returning federal tax dollars. Closing the “coverage gap” would save Florida over $200 million a year while giving more hardworking Floridians the security of coverage. 

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Funding for Floridians with Disabilities

Florida is currently ranked 49th for per capita spending on services for people with disabilities. Currently, the Agency for Persons with Disabilities does not participate in the state’s estimating conference where budgets are decided.


This has been a major contributor to APD’s underfunding. Allowing APD to participate in the estimating conference would allow them to negotiate for a budget closer to their level of need based on the number of people they serve. 

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Medicaid Adult Dental Benefit

Currently, for people 21 years and older Florida Medicaid only covers emergency dental services. The list of covered dental benefits for adults enrolled in Medicaid should be expanded to include:

  • Preventative care

  • Routine diagnostic care (ex: cleanings, exams and x-rays)

  • Basic dental services (ex: fillings and extractions)

  • Major dental services (ex: root canals, crowns)

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Protect Florida's Health Care Consumers

In September 2022, The Florida Health Insurance Advisory Board (FHIAB), which shares policy recommendations to the Office of Insurance Regulation, the Agency for Health Care Administration, and the legislature,  were presented 8 consumer protection policy recommendations from Florida Voices for Health's Program Director, Louisa McQueeney, who also serves as the Consumer Representative on the board.

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