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With a Floridian at side, Obama brings Obamacare fight to Capitol

WASHINGTON - Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson was at President Obama's side this morning as he arrived on Capitol Hill to strategize with Democrats how to protect the Affordable Care Act.

More Floridians have enrolled in Obamacare than any other state and South Florida is a big driver of that.

But that hasn't stopped criticism of the cost and Donald Trump won the state in November, vowing to "repeal and replace" the law. Gov. Rick Scott has said he wants to play a role in the dismantling, serving as a bridge between Washington and the states.

Vice President-elect Mike Pence is also on the Hill today to talk with Republicans, who Democrats are counting on struggling to produce an alternative health care delivery system.

Sen. Bill Nelson issued a statement to the Times following the meeting: “The president eloquently laid out the case that doing away with the Affordable Care Act would take health care coverage away from 30 million Americans and leave others unable to afford their premiums as a result of adverse selection.”

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