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Thousands of Florida Children Are Losing Medicaid; Health Insurance Navigators Are Helping My Son Stay Covered

Over the last year, over 1 million Floridians have lost Medicaid coverage due to the end of federal Covid-19 emergency provisions and the state’s eligibility redetermination process. According to Florida Policy Institute, 82% of those who have lost coverage were dropped due to ‘procedural reasons,’ such as incomplete applications, incorrect paperwork or in many cases, glitches in the state’s information system.

To help avoid losing her son’s Medicaid coverage, H.C. enlists the help of the health insurance navigators at her local Family Healthcare Foundation (FHF). The FHF Navigators help ensure that her family’s information remains up-to-date, and that any necessary paperwork is submitted on time. H.C. says that using the Medicaid portal herself is often very confusing. Karla and Luana, two of FHF’s Navigators, help make managing her family’s healthcare in the portal much less overwhelming. “Karla and Luana represent the agency beautifully and it’s a pleasure to meet with them,” she says. “They are kind and I appreciate the highly professional manner in which they assist me with my son’s healthcare.”

If you’ve lost Medicaid coverage, you may have alternative coverage options. Health Care Navigators across the state are available to provide free, expert assistance to understand your coverage options and select the right plan for you. Contact a qualified local Florida Navigator at


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