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Right now your elected representatives are back in town for recess to hear from you. Join us and speak out! Tell your representatives you want them to protect our health care so that over 2 million Floridians aren’t left without care.

Upcoming Events/Town Halls


Saturday, May 6th, 11 am to 2 pm

Meet at Starbucks, South Kendall Square

12512 SW 120th Street, Miami FL 33186


Questions to Ask


Here are some questions you or other supporters of Medicaid can ask:

  • My name is _____ and I live in _____. Having Medicaid coverage has changed my life. [Insert personal story here] Speaker Ryan and others in your party want to make radical and harmful changes to Medicaid. What will you do to oppose these plans and ensure that people like me don’t lose health coverage?

  • There has been a lot of debate about Obamacare, but I’ve heard that Republicans also want to make huge cuts for federal Medicaid funding and leave Florida to make up the difference. That would hurt a lot of people in our state – including children with special health care needs and people with disabilities. Do you support Speaker Ryan’s proposals and cuts to Medicaid or not?

  • Many of Florida’s gains, including a significant reduction in our state’s uninsured rate, can be tied directly to offering more people coverage through Medicaid. What will you do to protect expanded Medicaid coverage?

Affordable Care Act

Attendees can ask members of Congress the following questions regarding potential replacement plans:

  • Will the 20 million Americans who gained coverage under ACA be able to keep their plans?

  • Will the law protect older adults, women, and people who have pre-existing conditions by preventing insurance companies from locking them out of plans or charging them unaffordable premiums?

  • Will families get help paying premiums based on what they can afford, so that lower income families get more help than wealthy Americans?

  • Will the plan address families’ number one concern: lowering deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs? And will it ensure coverage for essential services like maternity care, prescription drugs, and no-cost preventive services?

  • Will the plan maintain or increase current investments in states’ Medicaid programs so our state can continue providing affordable coverage to low-income families, children, people living with disabilities and seniors and continue to invest in quality improvements and innovative delivery systems?

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