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Dental Therapy

for Florida

  • Good oral health is important for overall health, but over 5.5 million Floridians live in one of Florida’s 254 Dental Health Shortage Areas.

  • 60% of Medicaid eligible kids did not receive any dental services in 2017. There are still about 1,703,804  Children on Medicaid not receiving any dental services in Florida.

  • Like nurse practitioners and physician assistants, dental therapists will be trained to deliver routine preventive and restorative dental care. 

  • Dental therapists incentivize dentists to treat more people on Medicaid.

  • Dental therapists can deliver care in community-based settings long before someone reaches the emergency room.

  • Urge Florida lawmakers to pass Senate Bill 152 during the 2020 legislative session (Jan 14-March 13, 2020).

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