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Affordable Prescription Drugs for Florida

54% of Floridians were “worried” or “very worried” about affording the cost of prescription drugs in the future.

Source: Altarum's Healthcare Value Hub, 2019


Ease the money strain on people with diabetes who rely on increasingly expensive insulin by capping the monthly cost at $100, regardless of the type or how much a patient needs.


Create an independent authority, the Prescription Drug Affordability Board, that has the power to:

  • Set limits that lower what Floridians pay for their medications; 

  • Investigate how high prices impact Floridians; and

  • Give both lawmakers and the public greater insight into how drugs are priced.

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Sign the Resolution for Affordable Rx Drugs in Florida

WHEREAS, to protect our lives and our well-being, every family in Florida requires access to affordable prescription drugs;


WHEREAS, skyrocketing costs are making some medicines virtually inaccessible to our families and neighbors;


WHEREAS, overall drug prices increased almost 9% in 2016 while general inflation increased just over 2% in the same period, and since 2013 drug prices have risen and average of 10% annually but inflation has only increased 1.2% on average since 2013;


WHEREAS, prescription drug spending accounted for over 22% of each health insurance premium dollar in 2014, and nearly a quarter of people in their deductible period never picked up their prescriptions from the pharmacy, presumably because of the cost;


WHEREAS, over half of Medicare beneficiaries who did not feel at least one prescription reported prohibitive costs as the reason, and that non-adherence results in an estimated $100-300 billion of avoidable health care costs annually;


WHEREAS, Florida has had a significant incentive to address the affordability of prescription drugs, because of our growing senior population and high rates of chronic disease and pre-existing conditions;


THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the undersigned individuals and organizations support innovative and common sense solutions to address the cost of prescription drugs in Florida. State lawmakers should pass meaningful legislation that limits the costs of commonly used drugs and develop a process to explore the impact of high prices.


Please Protect My Insulin or I May Die!

In 2015 I lost my job and health insurance.  Then my husband lost his job at the same company.  We lost our home and moved to California where we qualified for Medicaid. Returning home to Florida meant no health insurance at all.  My husband finally got covered through his job, but we can’t afford to add me.  So, I’m living without health insurance.


I am a diabetic and buy my insulin from Walmart for $25 a vial.  It’s the cheapest I could find.  I don’t take as much as I should, because it has to last me a while.  I take it whenever I can afford it.


Senator Janet Cruz is working on a law that limits the amount insurance companies can charge for insulin.  I read that a young man died after he switched from his regular insulin to my $25 Walmart insulin.  Neither of us could afford the $1,200 a month price tag.  But, tell me, who can? 


I want our lawmakers to know we need this protection. I want Floridians without health insurance to know that our voices deserve to be heard.


Heather B., Polk County

February 7, 2020, The Ledger 

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