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The Florida Oral Health Alliance is a community of individuals and organizations committed to improving Florida's dental care system because every person deserves to thrive.

Florida Oral Health Alliance


The Florida Oral Health Alliance (FOHA) is focused on working in coalition to improve the oral health of Floridians through systems and community change. 

The Work of FOHA

The Alliance has worked together to produce important research on the most pressing oral health issues in Florida, including:

The Alliance has also taken important steps in advocacy including hosting a day of action at the Florida Capital in 2021. 










What's Next

In 2023 and beyond, the Alliance will be focused on achieving outcomes in three areas:

  • Policy Advocacy – Passing state and local legislation that increases access to dental care for vulnerable populations (ex: A comprehensive Medicaid Adult Dental Benefit; Increasing Medicaid eligibility limits)

  • Community Outreach and Education – Recognizing the need to empower community members as they navigate the health care system, we will be focused on building systems and processes to reach more Floridians. We’ll also create intentional messaging meant to address the most critical knowledge gaps.

  •  Systems “Culture Change” – To improve the delivery of care to vulnerable populations, FOHA will be building a campaign and long-term infrastructure to share best practices with providers and other stakeholders.


Current Members

  • Agency for Health Care Administration 

  • Catalyst Miami

  • Children's Services Council of Broward County

  • Children's Services Council of Palm Beach County

  • DentaQuest

  • Florida Healthy Kids Corporation

  • Florida Voices for Health

  • Jessie Trice Community Health Center

  • Liberty Dental Plan

  • Miami Dade College of Health Sciences

  • The Children's Trust

  • The Children's Trust of Miami-Dade 

  • Floridians for Dental Access

  • Oral Health Florida

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