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Medicaid, Medicare, & Social Security for Disabilities.

Does it matter to you?

  • There are an estimated 2.67 million Floridians who indicate that they have a disability-13.4 percent of all Floridians. 

  • Floridians with disabilities must earn less than $11,472 to qualify for Medicaid. Those earning between $11,472 - $12,760 aren’t eligible for Medicaid or ACA tax credits.  

  • Currently, 22,718 Floridians are on the I-Budget/ Home & Community Based Services Medicaid Waiver waitlist until resources become available (as of January 2021).

  • In Florida, many people with a developmental disability have been on the wait list for over ten years.

  • At the initial application stage for SSI disability benefits, less than 35% of Floridians are approved.

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