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Letter to Florida Congressional Delegation

Hello. As a constituent, I am very concerned about the GOP repeal bill and cuts to Medicaid. I ask that you oppose the GOP repeal bill. This plan would cause 24 million to lose health coverage by 2026. It would also cut $880 billion dollars from the Medicaid program, wreaking havoc on state budgets. 

The repeal bill would hurt working families, children, seniors and people living with disabilities and low income members of our community. It would force millions of people to pay more for less coverage by reducing tax credits and increasing our out-of-pocket costs. Our state cannot afford dramatic cuts to our Medicaid program – we need to make sure that our safety net hospitals and vulnerable community members are adequately supported.

We were promised that the GOP’s ACA repeal plan would provide better care, cover more people and cost less. This bill does exactly the opposite. We need a solution that builds on the progress we’ve made in expanding coverage and providing our community with the health and economic security we need.

Thank you.

As expected, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) became the latest voice in a growing chorus who say the House Republican repeal bill would be a disaster for healthcare in the United States.

An estimated 14 million people would lose their health care coverage in 2018, increasing to 24 million in 2026, to finance tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.

Florida cannot afford these dramatic cuts to our Medicaid program, both because of the enormous pressure that will be put on our state budget and the emotional and financial toll on vulnerable Floridians. This plan punishes working families, and people who desperately need health care but can’t afford it, to reward those who need help the least.

Do not take the gains we’ve made in health care for granted. Now is the time to speak out.

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