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OPEN Florida Alignment Network

Team up with Florida based local and state organizations working in diverse ways to improve oral health. 

In November 2016, Florida oral health stakeholders met to discuss how to work closer together and better coordinate our efforts, the result was a commitment to form the Florida State Alignment Network. 

To become (more intentionally and formally) a statewide alignment network we shared commitments to:

  • Raise oral health as a social justice, systemic issue

  • Address social determinants impacting oral health

  • Advocate for increasing access to oral health care

Benefits of joining the state network include:

  • Awareness of oral health initiatives, opportunities, and potential partners around the state

  • Opportunity to coordinate with partners with different skills and capacity

  • Shared learning


Areas of Focus:

  • Increasing advocacy capacity

  • Strengthening public communications

  • Increasing oral health in school districts

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