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Florida Voices for Health in Tallahassee 2023 - Week 1

During the first week of the 2023 Florida legislative session, FVH coalition members were in Tallahassee to talk about a variety of health care issues. Storytellers and advocates met with officials to discuss Medicaid expansion, comprehensive Medicaid dental benefits for adults, and additional funding for Floridians with disabilities.

On March 8th, FVH convened legislators, advocates, and impacted Floridians for a press conference at the Capital to urge Florida’s leaders to have the debate on Medicaid expansion. Watch Wednesday’s press conference here.

The press conference was attended by Representative Angie Nixon who shared:

“The message to my fellow lawmakers is that it’s time to close the coverage gap for these hardworking Floridians. Or to at least revisit the debate. Last week, the Republic legislature in North Carolina announced a deal to expand Medicaid, leaving Florida as one of the last 10 states to not even consider it.”

Scott Darius read a letter from JJ Holmes of Seminole County pleading for Medicaid expansion on behalf of his mother, Alison Holmes. With debilitating back and hip problems, Alison provides 24hr care for her son JJ, whose disabilities do not allow him to walk, talk, sit or feed himself. Alison is in the coverage gap and terrified her own health could fail before JJ gets off the Medicaid waitlist. JJ wrote:

My mum is everything to our family and I don’t want to lose her, especially to an easily preventable disease. he takes care of me 24/7, but because Florida hasn’t expanded Medicaid she can’t access healthcare for herself.

The coalition will be in Tallahassee and meeting legislators in-district for each of the next 4 weeks. If you’d like to participate, please fill out this form.

Here are some pictures from Week 1 (March 7-8)


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