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I Left My Abuser but I'm Still Suffering Without Health Care

Lisa D. is a domestic violence survivor. Her abuser knocked out and broke her teeth, leaving her in constant pain and with what appears to be a permanent frown. She is in desperate need of dental care, but Florida's healthcare system that makes it very difficult for her to find the help she needs. She no longer qualifies for Medicaid and her current health insurance does not include an oral health care component.

She has researched clinics that offer care, but they are out of reach financially.  “I feel like I’m spinning my wheels," Lisa says, "I can’t find an affordable payment plan or anyone that will even allow me to pay over time.” She is now considering camping out at a “first come, first served” one-day free clinic in her area. “My teeth are causing me to feel depressed and anxious. I’m always in pain and I get a lot of infections. I can’t take this anymore and I need help!"

For adults over 21, Florida Medicaid only covers emergency dental services to alleviate pain or infection. For those who do not qualify for Medicaid, lack of access to affordable preventative care or comprehensive treatment puts their health and livelihoods at risk. It's time for Florida’s leaders to strengthen our communities and our workforce by providing a comprehensive dental benefit for hardworking Floridians like Lisa.


If you’ve lost insurance or struggled to afford health coverage and care, we invite you to share your experience because your story can be a powerful catalyst for change. We amplify these experiences to help our legislators and voters understand the health care challenges being faced by everyday Floridians. Complete the form below to share your story.


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