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Health Care Coverage for Lower Income Cancer Patients and Survivors

  • Florida also has the 4th highest number of uninsured residents (2.6 million), leaving a lot of low-income people to deal with the costs of cancer screenings and treatments out of pocket. (Kaiser Family Foundation)

  • Medicaid expansion has proven to be critical for people diagnosed with cancer and cancer survivors. (American Cancer Society)

When Fighting Terminal Lung Cancer is Only Half the Battle

By: Sue E., Citrus County

I was a surgical nurse until I had to leave my job. That is when I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. The premium for the COBRA insurance through my job was $1,200 a month. My current income is my social security disability payment which is barely enough to cover my rent and electricity bill; never mind my car payment or car insurance.


The Cancer Center where I get my treatment has a financial lady that has helped me figure out my insurance situation. She was able to find out that I have what’s called Medically Needy. I have a high deductible that I have to pay before Medicaid kicks in to help. 


Florida has got to change. I paid into the system my whole life. The minute I can, if I’m able, I’m going to work, because I can’t survive like this. Some days I think that I may have to just go back to work as I’m recovering. I’ve got to get through this somehow because this kid’s gotta have me.




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