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Senator Janet Cruz & Representative Margaret Good File Legislation To Protect Insured With Pre-E

State Senator Janet Cruz (D-Tampa) and State Representative Margaret Good (D-Sarasota) have filed legislation to ensure transparency in drug prices and prohibit insurance companies from dropping Floridians with pre-existing conditions.

In 2020, prescription drug prices are expected to continue to increase, in some cases, up to ten percent. One in four Americans on medications struggle to pay for their prescriptions. There are no federal or state regulations of the pharmaceutical industry or their pricing structure. Senator Cruz has also filed legislation to cap insulin co-pays at $100 – a drug that costs $6 to make while out-of-pocket costs for those living with diabetes surge.

Senate Bill 1724 creates a Prescription Drug Affordability Commission, which would review increases in prescription drug prices. The bill also prohibits insurance companies from dropping coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. 3.8 million Floridians live with pre-existing conditions.

With the announcement of this important legislation, Senator Janet Cruz offers the following statement:

“Affordable healthcare should be a top priority for the Florida Legislature. Our state is home to 5 million seniors, so many of whom cannot afford the costs of their prescription drugs. Floridians with pre-existing conditions live in fear of losing insurance coverage or being faced with an insurance premium they cannot pay. These are vulnerable populations who need our help and we as legislators have a duty to protect them. No one should go bankrupt because of a chronic illness or a medication that is necessary for their survival.”

Take action to support Floridians with pre-existing conditions!

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