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Roadmap to Florida Medicaid Long-Term Care

Roadmap to Florida Medicaid Long-Term Care

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People over 60 make up nearly 25 percent of Florida's fast-growing population. Currently, Florida Medicaid covers about 61% of all nursing home days. That number will only grow in the future.

Our state Medicaid Long-Term Care program will continue to play a key role in caring for Florida's seniors. Unfortunately, this critically important program is also incredibly confusing. In this video series, Florida Voices for Health's Aging & Disability Consumer Advocate, Kelly Wilson, explains Florida's LTC program, what it means for Floridians, and the challenges faced by the program.




A native Floridian, Kelly has worked in the health and senior care industry since 1983. After becoming a trained assisted living administrator, she owned and operated a residential assisted living facility for 7 years. Working closely with residents and families - many through end of life - Kelly witnessed the challenges faced in navigating and accessing the long term care system.


Kelly has since become a passionate advocate for aging adults. She is a long-time board member of the Partnership for Aging of Palm Beach and the Aging & Disability Resource Center of Palm Beach. Kelly is a member of the Consumer Care & Planning Committee, and has served as the Advocacy Chair since 2013. In 2017, she was appointed by the Governor to the Department of Elder Affairs Advisory Board representing Region 9. As a valued member of Florida Voices for Health, Kelly guides our advocacy efforts related to aging issues.

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