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Oral health is key to living a healthy life. Still, too many Floridians can't get the dental care they need. 

Florida Voices for Oral Health


Thousands of Floridians don't have access to oral health. Read their stories and share yours.

Heart & Hands

New Report Shows Floridians with Disabilities Struggle to Access Oral Health.


After hosting a series of roundtable conversations in 2021, Florida Voices for Health compiled the experiences of Flordians with disabilities, their caregivers, and other stakeholders. Participants described the many barriers they face as they try to access dentists and oral health care. The report shows just how far Florida has to go to make sure every Floridian, especially the vulnerable, has meaningful access to care. 

Estimating the Cost of Introducing Comprehensive Medicaid Adult Dental Benefits in Florida

According to the American Dental Association Health Policy Institute, the estimated annual net cost to the state of Florida of introducing comprehensive adult dental benefits in Medicaid is $29.6 million after reaching a “steady state.” The net cost translates to $1.65 per enrollee per month. It is estimated that dental care spending will generate additional economic activity in the amount of $223.2 million after reaching a “steady state” in year three.

Why Florida Needs an Adult Dental Benefit in Medicaid and What You Can Do About It.

Florida Medicaid benefits are limited to extremely low-income parents and people with disabilities and does not guarantee preventive oral health services to enrollees. For people 21 years and older Florida Medicaid only covers emergency dental services to alleviate pain. Florida lawmakers have the opportunity to expand the dental benefits that Medicaid covers. 

Accessing Oral Health in Florida After COVID-19 

2020 Florida Oral Health Report In the late summer/early fall 2020, Florida Voices for Health and the Florida Oral Health Equity and Progress Network (OPEN) hosted five virtual regional round-table discussions with oral health stakeholders across Florida. They shared insights about the overall general state of oral health in Florida, systemic barriers to care, and the strategies they have used to mitigate barriers.

Why Oral Health Matters
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