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Graham-Cassidy Bill Needs To Die!

I have left a message on Marco Rubio’s answering machine but feel it’s important to put my story/message in writing.

In June 2017 my 60-year-old daughter was diagnosed with Stage IV BC. Although she’s in pain and her feet and legs swell due to the chemo drugs she takes, she continues to work for benefit of her employer-sponsored health insurance.

With the approach of Irma to the State of Florida, her employer (Brookdale) asked her to stay until everyone in their facility was safe and the storm had passed. She agreed but on the third day, she finally had to tell them it was time for her to leave. Her feet, legs and ankles were swollen to a point where she could no longer wear her shoes and her glucose was nearing 500.

If my daughter lives long enough, and has to quit her job, she’ll have no insurance and will have a preexisting condition.

This Graham-Cassidy needs to die!


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