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Just Fix the ACA

I am domestic worker with a lot of health issues. I have chronic asthma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and I am a diabetic. Before the ACA, whenever I had an asthma attack, I would delay seeing my doctor or go to an urgent care facility. Not because of the cost of the visit, but the cost of the prescriptions I would have to fill after the visit.

I am a low wage worker and most of the time could not afford the cost of a 30 day prescription refill.

Sometimes I would go two to three weeks without blood pressure medication. I would go to the pharmacy and ask how many pills I can get for this much money. I would beg with the pharmacy.

With the ACA I don’t have to worry, I just get a text message from the pharmacy that my prescriptions are ready, giving me a great feeling of security. And don’t forget that the ACA provides free preventive care. My insurance company Molina calls me and tells me to come in for my colonoscopy, they help me find a location convenient for me.

Before, I had some issues with a mammogram which cost me $130, with the ACA I don’t pay for a mammogram. You call yourself pro-life, so then why take away health insurance from hundreds of thousands of people endangering their lives. I am 53 and have multiple situations going on. I pay a monthly premium for my health insurance and it has gone up, but I gladly pay it. Do not repeal without replace. Just fix it.


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