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Florida Weighs Opportunity to Draw Down $300M for Floridians with Disabilities and Seniors

This week, Governor DeSantis’ administration asked the federal government for additional time “to consider the potential impacts” of drawing down hundreds of millions of dollars in additional federal Medicaid money for home- and community-based services.

The American Rescue Plan includes a provision to increase the federal matching rate (FMAP) for spending on Medicaid HCBS by 10 percentage points from April 1, 2021 through March 31, 2022. To access the new funds, recent guidance requires states to submit for CMS approval an initial HCBS spending plan projection and narrative by June 12, 2021. However, CMS recently announced that states could request a 30-day extension for their initial submission due date.

Home and community-based services (HCBS) help seniors and people with disabilities and chronic illnesses live independently outside institutions by assisting with daily needs. HCBS include but are not limited to home health aide services, assistance with self-care tasks such as eating or bathing, supportive housing, and assistive technology.

Additional Federal Funds for Medicaid HCBS for Seniors and People with Disabilities

The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) estimates that Florida would gain $319,587,000 in additional federal dollars for Medicaid HCBS from the FMAP bump. The law specifies that states must use the enhanced funds to “implement, or supplement the implementation of, one or more activities to enhance, expand, or strengthen” Medicaid HCBS. Click here to learn more from KFF.

The long list of services qualified for the 10% bump includes:

  • Services provided via 1915(c) waivers

  • Personal Care Services

  • Community-based behavioral health services

  • Private duty nursing

  • Case management

  • Home health care

  • PACE services

You can take action by emailing the Governor’s office and your state representatives with one click using this form.


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