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Despite GOP Bill Collapse, South Florida Activists Continue To Demonstrate For Health Care

South Florida activists aren't laying down their megaphones just yet, despite the collapse of the GOP health care billMonday night.

About two dozen people gathered in Doral on the sidewalk near Sen. Marco Rubio's office Tuesday around 11 a.m. to demand health care for all. Many said they don't think the fight is over.

"It didn't faze me too much," said demonstrator Michael Wanek of the Senate bill failure. "One way or the other, they're going to come up with something, and it's not going to go in the direction we want."

Wanek is a small business owner. He says he and his wife relied on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for affordable maternity and delivery care.

In a Facebook Live video Tuesday morning, Sen. Rubio said he would vote to repeal the ACA without replacement. "I believe Obamacare is broken. I believe it's bad for our country," he said.

Though a repeal vote is unlikely for now due to the announcements by three GOP senators that they would not support it, South Florida activists remain vigilant.

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