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For Senator Rubio, Support of Tax Bill Comes Down to $300 Worth of Political Points

It is no secret that our leaders in Congress worked hard to cobble together support for the latest tax reform bill. Lawmakers from every corner of the country angled to protect unique interests and make the bill less bad for their constituents.

Senator Rubio used his newfound leverage in the chamber with the tightest voting margin to demand more relief for working families for dependent children.

“Unless they figure out a way to increase the refundable part, higher than $1,100, the way they figured out a way to give corporations an extra year of cuts, the way they figured out a way to lower the top rate for a family making a million dollars a year...Unless they figure out a way to add to the $1,100 figure, I won’t support the bill.”

– Senator Marco Rubio 12/14/17

The plan now makes $1,400 of the $2,000 child tax credit refundable instead of $1,100 from the original draft.

However, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: “10 million children under 17 in the lowest-income working families — who already receive only a partial CTC or no credit at all — will either receive no improvement in the credit or a token increase of $1 to $75.”

Forget, for a second, that the tax reform bill still threatens Medicare and Social Security, disproportionately benefits corporations, and adds over $1 trillion to the deficit. Senator Rubio made clear his desire to provide real relief for working families through an expanded CTC. What he ultimately settled for is a $300 political talking point.

It is important that Floridians speak out and let Senator Rubio know where you stand on the CTC and the overall tax bill. It is time to have a real conversation about the tax reform that this country actually needs.

Despite its significant flaws, votes on the bill are planned for this week, possibly as early as Tuesday.

Contact your representatives and urge them to oppose any tax reform plan that hurts hard-working families.

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