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Accessible Voting Guide for Electronic Ballot Delivery & Marking in Florida

The Florida Department of State has released a document entitled “Accessible Voting for Persons with Disabilities” and this Guide is to inform and assist individuals with disabilities who qualify to receive a Vote-By-Mail (VBM) Ballot electronically (sent to an email address).

The section referencing an electronic ballot states:

Receive a vote-by-mail ballot through an electronic ballot delivery and marking system, if available in your county. Such a system allows a person with disabilities to receive a ballot electronically upon request. The voter then has the option to print the ballot for manual or electronic marking, with or without compatible assistive devices or software. A voted ballot may only be returned in person or by mail. Voted ballots cannot be returned electronically.

Contact your county Supervisor of Elections for more information. The entire document can be found here.

The “Accessible Voting for Persons with Disabilities” document does not clarify the following:

(PLEASE NOTE, the list below may not answer ALL of your questions, so please contact the Supervisor of Elections in the county in which you are registered to vote).


  1. You MUST be a Registered Voter.

  2. You MUST have an E Mail Address.

  3. You MUST have Access to a Printer.

  4. You MUST check off the box that states: “I have a qualifying disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act and want to mark my ballot using the remote ballot marking system provided by my county’s supervisor of elections in order to mark my ballot independently.”

  5. You MUST PRINT your ballot.

  6. INSERT your ballot into the provided SECRECY SLEEVE and place into the RETURN BALLOT ENVELOPE.

  7. You MUST SIGN the accompanying return envelope.

  8. You MUST SEND your ballot back by US mail(faxing or sending back via computer is NOT permitted), or drop off in-person.

  9. It is SUGGESTED that you add your PHONE NUMBER to the accompanying return envelope above your signature. In case there is an issue - you can be contacted to correct your ballot more quickly.

Contact YOUR county SOE to obtain a Vote-By-Mail (VBM) Electronic Ballot.

* The deadline to request that a vote-by-mail ballot be mailed is no later than 5 p.m. on the 10th day before the election. A Supervisor of Elections must mail the ballot out within 2 business days after a request. The last day for a Supervisor to be able to mail out a ballot is 8 days before the election.

* Deadline to Request a Vote-By-Mail Ballot is OCTOBER 29, 2022

** Please fill out the Accessible Voter SURVEY so we can further assist in the process if needed


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