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It Started for Me With A Call to My Navigator

Todd L. of Pinellas County, sustained a spinal cord injury almost 30 years ago. At the time Todd was uninsured and was only able to receive surgery through the help of charitable care. The injury has resulted in circulation issues and varicose veins that require regular vein treatments and compression socks. 

Thanks to the Family Healthcare Foundation and its Marketplace Navigators, Todd has now found a health insurance plan that covers both his vein treatments and compression socks, enabling him to continue working a job that requires him to be on his feet. “It all started for me with one phone call: a call to my Navigator,” Todd says. The Navigator helped him find a health insurance plan that is not only affordable but allows him to maintain his quality of life. “It has definitely kept me healthy.”  


Marketplace Navigators offer free, professional assistance to help Floridians to find the coverage they need. Todd highly recommends the Navigator services: “When I tried to shop in the Marketplace on my own, I quickly became confused. By working with a Navigator, I was able to see all of my options and I was able to understand what different plans provided.”   

Find free assistance from a qualified local Marketplace Navigator at


We want to hear from you. Many Floridians face serious obstacles when trying to access health care. Common barriers include cost, limited local providers, local hospital and clinic closures, lack of coverage, and insurance not accepted. If you've struggled to access health care in Florida, your story can be a powerful catalyst for change. We amplify these experiences to help our legislators and voters understand the health care challenges being faced by everyday Floridians. Complete the form below to share your story.


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