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Navigating Health Insurance as a Small Business Owner

Darrel J., is a 53 year old man who is self-employed as the owner of a cleaning service business. He was uninsured for over 12 years and like many, knew that he should have health insurance, but wasn’t really sure “how to” access the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

In December of 2020, he noticed a sore on his back that he first thought might be a cyst. When he had it properly examined, it turned out to be a result of his undiagnosed Diabetes, a condition that runs in his family. He was hospitalized, had surgery and spent 8 days as an inpatient. A friend reached out to him about coverage through the ACA and he filled out the necessary information while in hospital through the help of a Navigator.

Thankful that his insurance became active, he said “I was left with a $2800 bill, but it would have been so much more.” He started a program of healthy eating, eliminating sweets, sodas and fatty foods and in close to one year went from weighing 300 pounds down to 240 pounds. By sticking to a diet of mainly white meats, fish, vegetables and fruits, he lost another 20 pounds and after only 3 months of utilizing insulin shots to control his Diabetes, is now only on an oral medication. Darrel stated,

“I highly recommend finding a Navigator and I’ve shared that information with friends, one who now has health insurance.” He added; “Promoting the information about the ACA and its’ Navigators is important because so many think that a health emergency is not going to happen to them, my doctors visits now cost nothing or very little.”

Affordable Care Act Navigators across the state of Florida are assisting individuals like Darrel to find affordable coverage enabling them to receive the care and medications they need to lead healthier lives. In Orlando and the surrounding areas, get free help from a Covering Central Florida Navigator at Are you somewhere else in Florida? Find a qualified local Covering Florida Navigator at


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