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When Employer Based Coverage is Unaffordable: Emily's Story

Emily C. is a young woman from Orange County who sought the assistance of a Navigator to find healthcare for herself and her sister. She initially needed mental health services and had no idea what to do. Although employed full-time, she could not afford her work-related coverage and her Navigator helped her to apply for Medicaid and while awaiting a response, he helped her to find more immediate access to services as well as other resources.

“My Navigator Denis checked in on me, asked how I was doing and he sounded like he really cared and I felt like I knew him.” She also added that “having health care has made me feel more comfortable and that Medicaid has made healthcare more available.” Her Navigator went above and beyond to assist with applying for Medicaid and supplying her with a list of providers.

The ACA and its Navigators across the state of Florida are assisting individuals like Emily C. To find affordable coverage enabling them to receive the care and medications they need to live healthier lives. Get free assistance from a qualified local Covering Florida Navigator @

Emily ended by saying “please tell my Navigator how much I appreciate what he’s done. I truly appreciate his help!”

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