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Getting to Know Us: Tomica Smith, Board Secretary

1. Tell us about your role at your organization? Your role at FVH?

I’m currently the Secretary on the Board of Directors for Florida Voices for Health.

2. How did you get into work with Florida Voices for Health?

I first became acquainted with FVH while serving as an ACA Navigator with the Florida Voices for Health.

3. How do you feel your own personal values align with the mission, vision, and values of FVH?

I believe it’s important for everyone’s voice and experience to be heard and FVH advocates for the those whose voices are systematically unheard.

4. In your opinion, what do you think is the biggest challenge in healthcare today?

I believe the biggest challenge in healthcare is cost. Healthcare is terribly expensive which creates a barrier to access for millions of a Americans. It’s critical that we bring the cost down so that people can access the care that they need.

5. Can you name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you?

My Grandmother, Barbara J. Lauderdale. She was a social worker, healthcare advocate, and community organizer – all without a degree. Through her actions in our family and community, she taught me the importance of helping others and fighting for injustice wherever it exists. She was my hero.

6. What do you enjoy in your favorite breakfast that you make at home?

I’m a Southern Girl so a good country breakfast is my go to – grits, eggs, and bacon! The best part is watching my kids mix it all up in a bowl-just like I did as a kid!

7. What is one piece of advice for someone wanting to pursue a career in Public Health / non-profit sector?

My advice would be to get ready for a fight! So many of our rights are being taken away right before our eyes. We must use our voices and our votes to protect ourselves and those whose voices will never be heard because they lack a platform, finances, and political connections. We must Fight Like Health!

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