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An ACA Navigator Helped Me Bridge a Gap in My Health Coverage

Ebony F. was between jobs and tried to apply for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act Marketplace. She found that understanding her options and signing up on her own was a challenge. That's when she reached out to a health insurance navigator. Ebony met with Imph, a local Navigator who helped walk her through the process of selecting a plan.

Ebony’s experience with the Navigator made the whole process of finding coverage much less daunting. Imph’s advice was so informative that she felt like she was attending a mini class on health insurance. “He was so patient and explained every detail in a very effective way.” Ebony’s Navigator not only saved her a lot of time, but even found additional credits for which she qualified. “I want to give a major thank you to my Navigator,” Ebony shares. “It was definitely a great experience.”

The ACA and its Navigators across the state of Florida are assisting individuals like Ebony to find affordable coverage, enabling them to receive the care they need to lead healthier lives. Get free assistance from a qualified local Florida Navigator at:


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