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It makes me cry when I hear the senators.

It makes me cry every time I hear these senators discuss how they are going to cut Medicaid funding. At age sixteen I lost sight in my left eye due to glaucoma and 15 years ago I lost all vision and became totally blind. I have had several eye surgeries and I now have cornea replacements that need to be checked every few months. I rely on medicine to keep from getting infections in my eyes, medicine for high blood pressure and for diabetes. I have been on disability since age sixteen and on Medicare for my health coverage. I am now covered by both Medicare and Medicaid where Medicaid pays for the Medicare premiums I can’t afford.

I have a lot of handicaps but I refuse to let the handicaps take over and get to me. So if I refuse to let the handicap get to me, I refuse to let these senators take that away from me and from the people that rely on these systems. Without Medicaid you are losing a lot of people, elderly, middle-class, kids and also youth that depend on things that keep their bodies existing.

We need the senators to understand that if you pass this bill you are going to lose a lot of people in the United States. The recent hurricanes have affected many people and they will need assistance from now on.

I want the senators to understand that they all have mothers, fathers, kids and if something were to happen to them and they do not have this healthcare, how would you feel if they don’t have the care, it affects you also.


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