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Left Behind: Living Without Medicaid Expansion in Florida

Health insurance coverage is more than just a ticket to see a doctor when you need to. But in Florida where state lawmakers have refused Medicaid expansion, hard-working families are struggling to get ahead because of health care. Kristen’s family is just one of them.

In her own words:

“My husband and I have 3 girls Kelsey (18), Kassidy (12) and Madison (11). We care for our niece Alexis who lost her mom to gastric cancer. We recently moved from Connecticut, where we were all covered under the Medicaid expansion.

“As a child, Madison was diagnosed with a genetic liver condition, Denovo auto immune hepatitis, and a congenital heart defect. Madison is not only living with a chronic condition but also endures more aggressive drugs, monthly procedures, and their side effects.

“Her illness has a profound impact on each of us, straining us financially, physically, emotionally and behaviorally. Without health insurance we cannot take care of our health and stay healthy for the kids who rely on us.

Since Florida did not expand Medicaid neither my husband nor I qualify for Medicaid. In Connecticut, Medicaid expansion allowed me to seek the mental help I needed and my husband, a diabetic, was able to get the care he needed. It is very challenging to navigate the health care system in Florida and we need Medicaid expansion now.”

Your story can make the difference in the fight for Medicaid expansion here in Florida. Click here to learn more and to share your health care story!


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