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Florida Leads Marketplace Enrollment But Latest Numbers Show Impact of Federal Cuts

While we wait for the final tally from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) open enrollment period, the latest numbers from CMS show that Florida and the nation are being impacted by Trump Administration cuts to Affordable Care Act (ACA) Navigators and publicity outreach.

During open enrollment in November, 799,188 Floridians signed up or re-enrolled in health care coverage. Last year, 802,711 Floridians signed up during the same time period. National enrollment to date on the platform is at 3,198,163, compared to 3,604,440 last year. National enrollment indicates about 400,000 fewer health care consumers this year.

Health care consumer and advocacy groups in Florida worked hard to bolster enrollment before the December 15th deadline. However, the Covering Florida Navigators, main providers of in-person assistance, only received $1.25 million in federal funds this year, a 74 percent drop from last year. The Covering FL Navigators were only able to have in-person assistance available in 35 (out of 67) counties. Over the phone assistance was still provided to the other 32 counties.

Navigators are available for Floridians who may qualify for a special enrollment period. Floridians can schedule an appointment at

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